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Atelier Art & Musica in Geneva: music lessons given by a professional

Vendula Matejkova, cellist, pianist and performer of Moravian origin, gives piano and cello lessons for children, teenagers and adults

Piano and cello lessons, and general artistic studies

Learn to play the piano and cello through the writing, listening, shape, harmony and history of music

Preparation for exams, for taking part in competitions and for participation in professional concerts

Do you wish to take part in a competition or sit an exam at a music university or college of music? Atelier Art & Musica will help you to achieve your goals whether you are a beginner or professional

Piano and cello lessons

Music lessons for beginners, amateurs and professionals

The Atelier's aim

Piano and cello lessons - Atelier Art & Musica - GenevaYou wish to learn an instrument such as the piano or cello, or have your child taught.

Atelier Art & Musica is a privilege for those with the ambition to fulfil their talent and who want to fulfil their dream of becoming a virtuoso. 

Each pupil has the opportunity to take part in concerts organised by the Atelier and the institutions it works in collaboration with.

Pertinent questions

How to find a good teacher?

Group lessons or private lessons?

Do you wish to benefit from an environment conducive to artistic inspiration and learn your scales on a Bösendorfer concert piano?

Atelier Art & Musica is there to respond to your questions through quality teaching at an affordable price for everyone.

The teaching at Atelier Art & Musica can also be supplementary for those pupils who are already having piano or cello lessons elsewhere, whether at a conservatory or somewhere else, and to help you prepare for your exams or the Maturité Suisse (exams qualifying students for entry into any Swiss university or universities abroad).

Introduction to music and theory lessons

Piano and cello lessons - Atelier Art & Musica - GenevaMusic is like a foreign language; it must come alive on your piano keyboard when you play classical music, or on the strings, if you run your fingers over a stringed instrument.

It offers you the possibility of expressing your emotions through the notes and rhythm of the piece being played. It is one of the only activities which allow you to externalise your expressions and entirely harness your brain.

Taking theory  lessons at Atelier Art & Musica enables you to benefit from learning that will in turn allow you to derive immediate benefit in your practice.

At a music theory workshop, you will learn music theory and also the history of music, musical notation, voice training, listening to intervals (interval ear training), harmony and the principles of balance, thanks to methods based on practice.


Introductory lesson and assessment


These lessons are intended for children of at least 4 years of age, who want to test out their wish to learn to play an instrument.

They enable us to check their level of motivation and their degree of talent.


Lessons for children and teenagers 


Piano and cello lessons - Atelier Art & Musica - GenevaPiano and cello lessons - Atelier Art & Musica - GenevaPiano and cello lessons - Atelier Art & Musica - Geneva

These sessions are intended for children who take regular lessons and at a pace for seriously learning the piano or cello, i.e. on the basis of one or two classes per week.

During these classes, it is possible to prepare for music competition awards.

Beginners are also accepted because these sessions are meant to be customised with an established tailor-made programme for each pupil, according to the desired outcomes.

Learning is as follows:

  • Listening training
  • Learning about rhythm 
  • Instrumental technique
  • Practising on a repertoire of music dating from the Renaissance to contemporary music 
  • The duration of sessions is geared to the aim in view, i.e. 30, 45, 60 or 90 minutes maximum for the most motivated or pupils wishing to perform in a competition or pass an exam

The Atelier for adults

Piano and cello lessons - Atelier Art & Musica - GenevaPiano and cello lessons - Atelier Art & Musica - Geneva

At Atelier Art & Musica, we also offer piano and cello lessons for adults, either as individual or group sessions.

During these lessons, coaching concentrates more on instrumental technique and interpretation.

In addition, we also offer chamber music classes.

Spoken languages


Practical information