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Atelier Art & Musica in Geneva: music lessons given by a professional

Vendula Matejkova, cellist, pianist and performer of Moravian origin, gives piano and cello lessons for children, teenagers and adults

Piano and cello lessons, and general artistic studies

Learn to play the piano and cello through the writing, listening, shape, harmony and history of music

Preparation for exams, for taking part in competitions and for participation in professional concerts

Do you wish to take part in a competition or sit an exam at a music university or college of music? Atelier Art & Musica will help you to achieve your goals whether you are a beginner or professional

For learners

Participation in concerts and professional music performances 

Atelier Art & MusicaWe offer artistic studies at various different colleges and institutes (such as the Institut Florimont) and give music lessons to help students who are pursuing studies there to develop their artistic abilities as performers.

Furthermore, we invite them to take part in a series of small concerts in Geneva, in collaboration with Cologny village hall and the Geneva Condate associations.

The most talented students benefit from the opportunity to perform on stage at the start of recitals by professional artists from Atelier Art & Musica.

Twice a year, all the student members of the studio (children, teenagers and adults) can take part in a public concert in Cologny. Every student can also take part in concerts organised by the Swiss Music Teachers Association (SSPM).

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