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Atelier Art & Musica in Geneva: music lessons given by a professional

Vendula Matejkova, cellist, pianist and performer of Moravian origin, gives piano and cello lessons for children, teenagers and adults

Piano and cello lessons, and general artistic studies

Learn to play the piano and cello through the writing, listening, shape, harmony and history of music

Preparation for exams, for taking part in competitions and for participation in professional concerts

Do you wish to take part in a competition or sit an exam at a music university or college of music? Atelier Art & Musica will help you to achieve your goals whether you are a beginner or professional

Personal projects

Artistic creation as a way of life 

Piano and cello lessons - Atelier Art & Musica - GenevaVendula Matejkova, a talented cellist and pianist and highly sought-after teacher, has shared her passion for the piano and cello with numerous learners and colleagues. 

She has devoted a large part of her life to teaching, and current technological advances now enable her to share her knowledge with the largest number of people.   

Her unique and original method for teaching classical piano and cello is based on her personal educational experience accumulated over the years, and acquired thanks to meeting and sharing with some great contemporary masters.

Being passionate about the history of works played, she frequently succumbs to the temptation of commenting on them herself through her talent, simultaneously opening up a more accessible and compelling world of classical music to her audiences.

Piano and cello lessons - Atelier Art & Musica - GenevaMastery of these two instruments opened the door for her to the fascinating world of composition. She will shortly release a CD of her new creation.

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